Shocking Ad from New Zealand Will Make Drivers Think Again About Speeding

Viral video gets over 4 million views in five days.

Image from AOL Autos
Image from AOL Autos

A public service video out of New Zealand is really spooking those who watch it – yet the discomfort really hammers home an important reminder for motorists:


Speeding kills. Other people make mistakes, slow down.


“In the ad, a man speeding down the road sees a car about to pull out in front of him,” reads the AOL Autos article featuring the video. “The two cars freeze as the drivers about to crash speak to one another. The driver about to be T-boned begs the speeding driver to avoid him, but he can't. He's going too fast.”


More gravity is brought to the somber portrayal when viewers realize that one driver’s young son will also be injured, or worse, as a result of the imminent collision.


Since being published on YouTube on Jan. 5, the New Zealand video has been viewed over 4 million times.


Read the full article on AOL Autos here:





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