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Linda Rooney's Co-Workers Pay Special Tribute to Her

There was an idea "afoot" to wear high heel shoes in her memory, so some women are doing that.

Tuesday's snowstorm may have closed Merck's West Point, Pennsylvania campus, where Linda Rooney was most recently working. But many of Rooney's co-workers were still able to do something small to help remember her by.

There was an idea "afoot" to wear high heel shoes in her memory, so some women are doing that.

"Linda had a singular style and a commitment to advancing women in the organization that I share. We discussed this frequently and her actions demonstrated her commitment," co-worker Marian Wentworth wrote in an email to other women in the building where Rooney worked.

"Wardrobe is not what defines a woman – certainly high heels are not. In her case, though, they were part of her personality and her energy," the email continued.

So Wentworth suggested that women wear their best high-heeled shoes on Tuesday, January 21, in her honor.

Wentworth told Radnor Patch that she received more than three dozen e-mails from people all over the United States who worked with Rooney in one of the places that she worked. They were wearing their best high-heels for Rooney, too.

Those trapped at home today because of the snow are even putting them in prominent places in their house, she said.


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