Man Seeking Descendents of Architects that Shaped Radnor

Are you a relative of Lawrence Visscher Boyd or David Knickerbacker Boyd?

Writer and composer Peter Visscher Boyd is looking for relatives of his grandfather, Philadelphia architect Lawrence Visscher Boyd.

Boyd is also looking for relatives of his grandfather's brother. Lawrence Visscher Boyd briefly partnered with his brother David Knickerbacker Boyd in a firm they called Boyd & Boyd.

Perhaps the most recognizable example of their work together is the Central Baptist Church in downtown Wayne, designed in the late 1890s.

The "Oak Lodge carriage house" at 306 Oak Lane in Wayne by Lawrence Visscher Boyd is listed on Radnor Township's Historic Asset Inventory.

D.K. Boyd's Walmarthon

D.K. Boyd's Proposed Wayne School

An Architect's Imprint On Wayne


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