Is Your Train Late?

You can now find out if your SEPTA train is on time with a phone call, text or website.


Two new sites will help commuters determine if their SEPTA train is one time or not.

Baldwin is a website optimized for a smartphone. It’s not an app that you download. Bookmark on your phone so you don’t forget it when you need it.

All you need to do is put in the station where you want to get on and where you want to get off and it will tell you the next trains going between those stations, their departure and arrival time and whether they are on time. The website URL is baldwin.ph.

Note: if you’re going to or from Wayne in Radnor Township, choose Wayne Station, not Wayne Jct.

SEPTAlking provides regional rail status updates with a phone call or text message at 215-987-5418.

Both sites are part of SEPTA’s outreach campaign and will be highlighted in “Where’s My SEPTA?” signs with information about the sites.

“We are very pleased to provide open data to the community. What makes it really exciting is to engage with the developer community and see the innovation produced at ‘Hackathon’ events. Seeing these apps made available to the public is a critical step, and these tools provide great value to our riders,” said Michael Zaleski, SEPTA Director of Emerging and Specialty Technology.

“Fundamentals like regular hackathons, an open data portal, and active collaboration between city employees and local developers are already checked off or well underway in Philadelphia,” said Michelle Lee, a Code for America fellow. “So Code for America’s role in this case wasn’t building new apps — it was helping to take the next few steps to put them into people's hands.”


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