Our Agricultural Past

We used to have many farms here, including the Izzacki Fritz place, the Mifflin’s, the Wilds’ the George’s, the the Jones’, the Ramsey’s, and the Cleaver’s.


A little bit of Radnor's argricultural history remains today (and a new one is beginning with the new ).

According to “Guide for the Pennsylvania Railroad”, printed in 1855, the description of the route of the railroad from Philadelphia to Paoli is:

“The country through which we have passed is thickly dotted with neat farmhouses and barns, and all sorts of comfortable out-houses for pigs, and poultry, sheep, cattle and horses.

The large fields of grain and grass which greet one’s eyes in the summer season, the herds of cattle, and flocks of sheep, everywhere to be seen, indicate great agricultural thrift in the inhabitants of Delaware, Montgomery and Chester Counties, thorough the luxuriant grass, are spring-houses.

We may observe the patient cows standing around, with their white udders swollen with milk, waiting to yield it to the milkmaid’s pail, from which it is poured into earthen or tin pans, and those are placed in the clear cool water of those houses where the rich cream is formed for the butter."

Read more about the beautiful and fertile countryside in the March 24, 1950 column here.


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