Countryview Barbeque Opens at Lancaster Co. Farmer's Market

The new stand, which features barbeque, fried chicken and rotisserie chicken and turkey, replaces Lapp's.

Countryview Barbeque opened at the Lancaster County Farmer's Market on Friday.  The new stand is located at the old Lapp’s location.

The stand serves rotisserie chicken and turkey, smoked baby back ribs, fried chicken, custom cut fresh poultry, chicken and turkey sausage, Zook’s Chicken pies, and a number of side dishes and desserts.  Every item the stand serves comes from someone the owners know personally or from someone who lives in their Lancaster County community.

Countryview Barbeque has already started taking orders for the holidays. 

The stand is run by Daryl Blank and his mother, Joyce Blank.  They come from a family of dairy farmers, but Daryl began working in a market at the age of 14.  His work at a local market in Lancaster County began as an after school job, which he continued during his college breaks.  In August 2010, Daryl began working at a stand in the Ardmore Farmers Market. 

When Daryl received the offer this fall to join the Lancaster County Farmer’s Market, he and his family jumped at the opportunity.  

“We had always talked about doing something like this,” Daryl said.

The barbeque is all made using family recipes.  Daryl creates the different seasonings and sauces, such as an Apple Butter Barbeque.  He said that he strives to make all of the dishes unique and to keep the flavor consistent. 

“It feels good now to have all the preparation done and be able to open and finally meet the customers,” said Joyce Blank.


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