Patch 101: Share Your News

Radnor Patch can help you get the word out on weddings, deaths, births and more.

Want to announce the birth of your beautiful granddaughter? Has a beloved family member passed away? Do your children's stellar academic achievements deserve recognition?

Whether the news regards births, engagements, deaths, religious occasions, promotions, graduations, weddings or honor roll, you can post major announcements to Radnor Patch and let your neighbors know.

We'll get the word out from there. 

Click this link to go right to the Radnor Patch Announcement page.

Here are the quick and easy directions to posting your announcement to Radnor Patch.  

  • First, click the bolded "Announcements" link under the "News" tab at the top of any page. 
  • Then click "Add an Announcement" on the right-hand side of the page.
  • From there, enter a title and all the information you want to tell your neighbors. You can also share photographs by clicking "Upload Photos and Videos."

(See the images in this story for screen grabs if you are unclear what the links look like on the page.)


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