Radnor Resident Creates Bracelets to Show Kindness

Patricia McIntyre launched Links of Kindness in December.

Radnor resident Patricia McIntyre hopes to spread kindness one bracelet at a time through her new company Links of Kindness, which launched in December.

The bracelets, which are all handmade by McIntyre, are meant to be passed along from person to person.  When the bracelet is given to the next recipient, the person giving the bracelet leaves a kind message.

McIntyre began thinking about the idea of spreading kindness in 2008.

“I was going through a difficult personal time and people were so kind to me,” she said.

Along with her sister Kathleen, McIntyre came up with the idea for the bracelets and together they launched Links of Kindness this past December. 

Each bracelet has a serial number, and recipients can go on the Links of Kindness website to read the bracelet’s past messages.

“People love the idea of kindness,” McIntyre said.

In just one month, the bracelets have made it around the world to countries such as Canada and Argentina. 

The bracelets can be purchased online through the Links of Kindness website.

McIntyre said that she is looking into expanding the line and possibly including merchandise for men. 

She also plans to get involved with charitable organizations.  McIntyre said that she could create bracelets especially for certain charities, and the charities could then sell the bracelets as a fundraiser.

“Kindness is a really powerful experience.  Everyone benefits from kindness.  The bracelet’s just one way of showing kindness,” McIntyre said.

To learn more about Links of Kindness, visit their website.

Mary Jane Hurley Brant January 06, 2013 at 02:12 PM
This is a wonderful idea, Patricia, and the world needs to spread the kindness message one bracelet at a time. It also needs a messenger to do so thank you.


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