Thousands Still Without Power in Radnor

Watch a video of the power of the live wire as it lights up the night in St. Davids.

While most people were starting to get back to their normal lives on Wednesday, about 3,000 Radnor homes were still without power. In downtown Wayne the main traffic signal was run by a generator, and half of the businesses on North Wayne Avenue were dark, showing that although Hurricane Sandy is gone, her wake remains.

A resident of Chandler Lane in the Villanova section of Radnor Township told Radnor Patch that many there are unhappy with the post-Sandy response.

"When Irene hit we had a live wire active for over a week with no response from either the township or PECO. All the fire department did was drive up both sides of the street, close us in by putting tape on either side of the house and driving away. We have elderly and disabled folks on our street and we’re left to fend for ourselves for the most part," he writes.

As for Sandy, he said, PECO and the township "let fires burn in the trees and wires all night. In addition, there were two large propane tanks near the original wire contact area and nothing was done about that either."

"I’m not usually one to complain, but this is just too much at this point and even the onsite PECO folks said the only way to get attention is to broadcast the problem," he told Radnor Patch.

Manager Bob Zienkowski in response told Radnor Patch that "the township contacted PECO in this regard as soon as it was reported. This was an issue in numerous areas of the township where in one case the street caught fire.  Unfortunately, with high voltage lines involved, no one, including Police or Fire, will go near these lines and we are at the mercy of PECO."


  • Watch the video of a downed wire on St. Davids Avenue in the video section of this article.
  • The Carrigan family was sleeping in the basement of their Hermitage Dr. home in Radnor when a Tulip Popular came crashing down about 10 p.m. Monday, reports Main Line Media News.

As of 1 p.m. on Wednesday, October 31, the following streets were closed due to downed trees and/or power lines:

  • Oak Grove Ln @ Upper Gulph Rd (tree & wires down)
  • County Line Rd-Matsonford to N Spring Mill Rd (tree down)
  • Walnut Av - Radnor Street Rd to Paul Rd (tree & wires down)
  • Mill Rd - Roberts Rd to Bryn Mawr Ave (tree & wires down)
  • Rt 320 - Lancaster Av to Conestoga Rd (trees & wires down)
  • St. Davids Rd - St. Davids Ct to Meadowbrook (wires hanging at sidewalk)
  • Brooke Rd - Church to Ravenscliff (wires hanging on side of road)
Annie Webb November 01, 2012 at 02:59 PM
Haven't seen a PECO truck in our neighborhood, and the PECO online service says our power won't be back until 11/3 at 11PM. Sure would be nice to know WHY power's out...downed line? I don't see one. Transformer? Then wouldn't there be trucks working on it? We're cold, but doing OK thanks to great neighbors providing dinners, hot showers, and tonight, a warm place to sleep.
christine kline November 01, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Still without power on radnor chester, as well as chew. The branch that fell is teetering on the wires and threatening to bring the whole bit down! Nothing from PECO.
Michael Trenham November 02, 2012 at 08:54 AM
Bloomingdale is closed at Lenor because of a broken pole


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