Cricket at the Wayne Country Club

The left portion of the building was converted in a home which still stands as 118 West Beechtree Lane.

Here, we see a team (perhaps the same one) playing a game at the Wayne Country Club, ca. 1892. The opposing team is identified as Belmont. Having access to sporting facilities was seen as a major draw to Wayne during the early days of its development. Wendell & Smith, who built the homes of North and South Wayne, had this clubhouse constructed in 1888-89 from plans by architect William L. Price.

At first only the left half of the building as seen in this image was built; soon after the right half was constructed, complete with shaded bleachers for spectators. Amazingly, the left portion survived a fire several years later, and was converted in a home which still stands as 118 West Beechtree Lane. The country club's grounds remain intact as the North Wayne Field, which is incredible since at one point the land had been subdivided and a road lined with residential homes was planned to go through the property.

Having eluded development for more than 100 years, it is as important an historical asset to Wayne as any well-preserved building.

- Greg Prichard,


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