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Taking a Chance on Chance

Wayne resident Elizabeth Chance is like the best friend you never had — and she’s hoping to make a living from it.

You may have a friend like Elizabeth Chance — the problem solver, the cheerleader, the one who always goes for a challenge.

The Wayne resident, a long-time personal concierge, is shifting her business and passion to image consulting. She said she hopes to help people “who are stuck, to give a sounding board to talk to, someone to be there and have your back.”

Chance regularly blogs on Radnor Patch — about dating, fear, social networking  and life in general.

She has recently helped create a new wardrobe and image for a friend who lost a lot of weight. She also helped get a young adult out of her parents’ house and into a job and apartment in New York City.

“I know it’s scary, but go out and try it,” she said of change. “The scary part if fun too because it makes you feel alive.” And Chance should know. She has reinvented herself after being divorced from a ten-year marriage. She said while she was married she was always going to social events, she appeared in the newspaper every week but she said she thought, “This is it? Because if it is then I’m done.”

For years she focused on her personal concierge business, and she recently did a six-month job stint in New York City, which she wrote about on Radnor Patch. Right now her top priority is being there for her three children and “doing something I’m passionate about – helping the average person get to where they want to be in life.” Check out her Web site here.

She’s not a therapist and she may not be your friend. But she thinks that as a consultant, she may be what many women need.

“Everyone needs someone to stand there and say, ‘You can do it’.”

Annie Webb September 25, 2012 at 12:10 PM
Elizabeth is one of the most dynamic, optimistic, and humorous people I know. If she's in your corner, you're guaranteed to be successful. Good luck with the new venture, Elizabeth!


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