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The Willows, a.k.a. Rose Garland

With all of the recent talk , it is important to look back at this significant and intact Main Line estate.

Built in 1910 for John Sinnott Jr., the estate was originally called "Rose Garland." The architect was Charles Barton Keen. The Zantzinger family began ownership in the 1930s, and renamed the estate "Maral Brook."

Radnor Township purchased the property ca. 1972-73, and it has been a public park and event space ever since. A few changes have been made since the mansion was built, shortly before this photograph was taken. The front porch columns and roof are missing, and the roof material has changed.

These differences aside, the now century-old estate is largely intact and is one of the few grand Main Line properties that can be appreciated for free by the public much the way it was in its heyday. Hopefully future changes can respect this long and important history.

- Greg Prichard,


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