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Video: Moms on Losing A Child

Women from Bryn Mawr and Berwyn are guests on this year's Mother's Day show.

Mary Jane Hurley Brant, Joan Garbutt and Suzanne Schoenhut are the guests on this week's Patch Presents for our Mother's Day show.

Sam Strike interviewed the women about surviving the loss of a child.

Read all of the columns by Brant, a psychotherapist, on Radnor Patch here.

Read here.

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Samantha M.White May 13, 2012 at 08:52 AM
How wonderful, to have a mothers' group. I believe that the inclusion of a therapist is necessary, because a therapist's role in a group is to see that all the members feel safe. There are so many intense feelings, and we are all so vulnerable after losing a child!! I assume, Mary Jane, that you had reached a certain level of personal healing before you started the group. Your professional skills, I'm sure, have been a great contributor to the group's success.
Mary Jane Hurley Brant May 13, 2012 at 02:56 PM
Thank you for saying that, Samantha. I've been a group therapist for 30 plus years now so there is an experience and understanding of intense feelings for sure. And yes, I wasn't ready to lead a group as Mothers Finding Meaning Again until 3 years ago because I wanted to be able to be completely present to all of the mothers and also not deny my own sorrow and the loss of my child. Now, having said that, I think this kind of group could be run by another mother who has a conscious understanding of psychology and where she is in her own grief journey. It was sensitive and kind of you to respond. Thank you, Samantha. MJ
Susan Hayworth June 04, 2012 at 08:32 AM
OK, I happened on this from New Zealand (Don't even know where Radnor is!) and I really want to start a Mothers finding meaning group here. Thanks for the inspiration. If you can give me some advice MJ; like how did you find each other? That would be great. Thanks BTW your memoirs fascinate me because I have kept an everyday journal since the days my son was in hospital with leukaemia. Have you read anything by Gloria Hunniford when she wrote about the loss of her daughter.
Mary Jane Hurley Brant June 04, 2012 at 03:33 PM
Hi Susan, So nice to hear from someone so far away. Radnor is in Pennsylvania, USA. I'm sorry to read that your son had leukemia. What was his name? I'm glad you kept a journal. I hope it helps you a little with your grieving. That's how I began my book, writing in a journal. No, I have not read Gloria's book but I will look into it. Our mothers found one another from various places. Two mothers were in counseling with me and they each knew of two other moms. Three of my friends lost children so they wanted to be part of Mothers Finding Meaning Again. Some moms contacted me directly when my book came out and I kept their name then invited them. One mother came from Compassionate Friends. Word spread very quickly. We have 23 mothers now. We are all close. It wouldn't take you long to start with a small group, Susan. If you have a local church or synagogue or library put up a flyer. There are, sadly, many mothers as we who have lost a child. Peace be with you and your family. Please write again and tell me how you are doing. MJ


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