VU Law Prof: Abuse History Documented By Church

The conviction of Rev. Msgr. William Lynn was precedent-setting, says Anne Bowen Poulin.

On Friday, June 22, a Philadelphia jury convicted Rev. Msgr. William Lynn for allowing a pedophile priest to have continued access to children.

The child endangerment conviction that was handed down to Lynn was precedent setting and "shows is that the church documented so much of this history of abuse within the church. This signals to prosecutors that this evidence may be available,” Anne Bowen Poulin, a Villanova School of Law professor tells Main Line Media News.

Lynn served at parish in Wayne in the 1980s.

What readers said:

: I applaud Fr. Murphy's honesty and fearlessness in portraying the bishops' role in the abuse scandal.

: The church hierarchy has cowardly dodged responsibility in this evil business and yet with its second face tries to exert moral authority over the flock.

: Amen, Father, God Bless you!

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