Local, and Tasty, Ready-Made Christmas Meals

No time to cook? No problem.

Finding time to make a delicious Christmas meal can be difficult, even for the culinarily inclined. That’s why these local eateries are here to help. Across Radnor Township, plenty of shops and stores offer ready-made Christmas meals that will give homemakers another thing to be thankful for this holiday season.

-At the Devon Acme, they don’t have a complete ready-made dinner, but you can get its centerpiece: turkey. For $2.49 a pound, the Acme has precooked turkeys (most are 10-12 pounds) for the season. For Christmas meals, the store is encouraging customers to pre-order by early next week.

 - As they did on Thanksgiving, Genauardi's offes a turkey dinner for $40 that serve 6 to 8 people consist of: a 10 to 12 lb. turkey, 2 lbs. of stuffing, 3 lbs. of mashed potatoes, 24 oz. of gravy, 15 oz. of cranberry sauce, 12 rolls and a pumpkin pie. 

They're going fast though, so order soon at 610-989-0781

 -Tredici told us that while individual sides like calamari and holiday quiche will be available throughout the week, Dec. 17 is the last day to order big ticket holiday meal items. Call 610-254-0323 to try and talk them out of it.

 – Whole Foods of Devon offers a robust Christmas menu for online order, including oven ready turkeys, turkey dinners (with sides) for groups of 6-8 or 12-16, cocktail platters, and much more. Stop by the store, or order online.

Gourmet Buffets - Offers a multitude of original holiday options for pick-up or delivery, including the Pork Pizano–a pork loin wrapped in bacon and other accouterments that feeds 10.


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