One of the Coolest Wedding Proposals You'll Ever See

Virginia sweethearts in running to win Valentine's Day wedding in Fiji. The video is that good.

Riley Hanlon (right) proposed to his high school sweetheart Ashley Huff (left) atop a mountain under thousands of stars on Oct. 6, 2013. (Courtesy Photo)
Riley Hanlon (right) proposed to his high school sweetheart Ashley Huff (left) atop a mountain under thousands of stars on Oct. 6, 2013. (Courtesy Photo)
FAIRFAX CITY, Va. — It's just about the sweetest story you've ever heard.

Boy and girl live next door to each other. They meet on the school bus on their first day of high school and become instant best friends.

After four years of best friendship, they fall in love.

Then, boy stages one of the most incredible, romantic proposals you've ever seen, on top of a picturesque mountain, even recruiting all their best friends to help out. 

To top it all off, he's a talented filmmaker who rigged up cameras and filmed the whole thing, so they can relive the moment any time they want, for the rest of their happy lives together.

The only thing that could make this story even better than it already is, would be for them to be picked as the winners of a Valentine's Day wedding in Turtle Island, Fiji—all expenses paid.

Happily, that fantasy ending could become a real-life happy ending for Fairfax High School sweethearts Riley Hanlon and Ashley Huff, because these two lovebirds are actually in the running to win just such a contest, and have their dream wedding in Fiji paid for.

Riley and Ashley's Love Story

As we said, Hanlon and Huff grew up in Fairfax City, Virginia,  their homes right next door to each other. They met on the first day of school, as freshmen at Fairfax High, on the bus ride to school.

"We have grown together, and fall more in love each day," the couple said, in a questionnaire for their contest entry.

The two think of themselves as adventurous people who love to not only travel and explore the world, but help to take care of it and make it a better place as well—Huff is a Geographic Science major at James Madison University (JMU), with a concentration in Sustainable Development. Her dream is to find work as a sustainability coordinator or environmental analyst after she graduates this May.

Hanlon is a Media Arts and Design major alongside his fiancee at JMU. He has already started his own freelance video production company, which he plans to focus on full-time once he graduates in May. (And the success of his budding video career doesn't seem at all far-fetched once you see the quality of their engagement video!)

Naturally, the idea of a Valentine's Day wedding in picturesque Turtle Island, Fiji would just be perfect for them.

The two currently live part-time at JMU in Harrisonburg and the rest of the time with their parents in Fairfax City—still right next door to each other.

The Perfect Proposal

On Oct. 6, 2013, Hanlon took the love of his life, Huff, to the top of a nearby mountain, under the guise of a freelance photography gig to film views of the night stars.

On 'the sly', he enlisted the help of friends with sparklers and bouquets of wildflowers. When he popped the question at the top of one of the mountain's highest rocks, naturally she said yes, and the friends burst out from behind nearby rocks with the sparklers and flowers.

And, he caught it all on film.

The film would prove handy when Hanlon caught wind of the Turtle Island wedding contest.

The Wedding of Their Dreams

Perfectly edited and set to uplifting music, Hanlon used the heartwarming video of their proposal to enter the couple in the Turtle Island wedding contest.

The winners of the contest will win a wedding package worth more than $21,500. 

The package includes a Valentine's Day wedding, complete with airfaire to Fiji, seaplane transfers to Turtle Island, and seven nights' accomodations in one of 14 "grand beachfront bures" at the Turtle Island resort, plus all activities, meals and beverages paid for.

It also includes the wedding on Valentine's Day, including an officiant, photographer, wedding feast and celebration for the couple and their guests.

How You Can Help Them Win the Wedding of Their Dreams

The couple whose entry video receives the most social media shares through the Turtle Island website will win the grand prize wedding package.

Click here to visit the contest website and help send the happy couple to Fiji for their wedding. To "vote" for them, click on one of the social media share buttons just above the video screen on the contest website to share the video through Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and cast your vote for them.

The deadline to share their video and help them win is midnight tonight, Tuesday, Jan. 7.


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