Answer: Where is This Building in Wayne?

This 1880s brick house still stands (sort of), but it's hard to spot.


Radnor Historical Society's Greg Prichard gave this challenge on Tuesday: The brick house in the middle of this image of late 19th century Wayne might not be easily recognizable, but it is still standing (in a sense). Can you guess where it is? (The procession of men in robes and a structure in the background are clues!)


The brick house was home of J.C. Pinkerton, one of a row of homes built along Lancaster Avenue in the late 1880s. It was built at the corner of Louella Avenue, and in the 1920s, stores were built around it at the first floor, with apartments above. The gambrel/mansard roof of the home can still be seen peeking out above the stores of that block, which include Argus Printers, The Velvet Shoestring and Aux Petit Delices.

Though the roof was added onto and changed over the years, the overall shape seen in this 122 year old image can still be picked out. In the foreground is a procession of clergy entering St. Mary's M.E. Church for its dedication, April 6, 1890.

Noah Webster October 25, 2012 at 02:05 AM
The historical shot is taken from St Mary's Episcopal Church. Not M.E.


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