Ardrossan, Open Space Vanishing

"Gala Evening"
"Gala Evening"

there will be houses on this plot of land in the near future. You know the scene, when you are driving down Newtown Road, and see the gorgeous stone gates, the formal entrance to Ardrossan. After a right turn, there is a long road with amazing views on either side. To the right the black cows are gently grazing. The image is embedded into my mind.  A beautiful September night and The mansion at Ardrossan is the destination of the annual Radnor Conservancy Gala.  As you go through the gates, the sun is setting, the fields still green, are edged with lush purple foliage.  The cows are welcoming you down the road toward the mansion.  You feel like you are going to a mysterious place through the forest and then the pond is in view, and finally the mansion.  I remember when the Ayeshires would be just relaxing on the hillside of the  mansion.  What a sight.  As  you enter the mansion, you travel back a century into a grand hallway and than an even grander room filled with beautifully dressed people, chatting about the sunset , and what's going on around town.  As you make your way out the back door you are hit by the chill of a September night. And most importantly a vista of land that takes your breath away.  I found this painting in the studio just recently and wanted to share this memory with you.  I have many other paintings just like this and am still painting.  I am mad for the melting snow in the fields. As least the snow is good for something!!! I have decide to have another showing of my Ardrossan paintings sometime in the near future.  Hopefully I can have it in one of the barns on the property. If you are interested in being on my mailing list contact me at dori@dosrispector.com.  Take a look at more Ardrossan paintings at www.dorispector.com.  


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