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Letter: 'The Spirit Of My Campaign Will Live On'

A concession from Radnor Third Ward commissioner candidate Emily Hobson.

Today, Wednesday November 23rd, the official election results for Radnor are being published by the Delaware County Bureau of Elections. When all is said and done, I lost by a little more than a handful of votes. Every vote truly counted in this election. My Ward experienced  the greatest turnout of any Ward in Radnor and the closest margin. I find it inspiring that so many Ward 3 residents exercised their very important right to vote. I have to applaud my opponent Bill Spingler for also running a great campaign and getting so many people out to choose leadership.

Running for Radnor Township Commissioner has been one of the best experiences of my life. I met so many wonderful residents and grew an even deeper appreciation for this wonderful place we call home. While my candidacy has ended, the the spirit of my campaign will live on. The spirit that  there needs to be new, refreshing energy in Radnor Politics. Information must be disseminated openly and I hope that “behind closed doors” politics comes to an end. My promise to the voters who wanted me as their Commissioner is that I will stay involved and active in Radnor Township.  

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who was involved in my campaign. A very special thanks to Nick and Dawn Kemp. Nick served as my Campaign Manager and devoted countless hours to the great cause. Dawn and Nick were truly committed to a change for good in Radnor Township. Mimi Auchincloss, the head of the Radnor Republican Party, who worked tirelessly through the end, deserves a big thanks.

I also want to extend thanks to: The Hobson Family, Eugene Bodo, Dawn DAngelo, Kristen Russo, Kim Scott, Conrad Heckman, Mike Tyler, Lucy Irwin, Scott Zelov, Kevin Killian, Luke Clark, Michael D'Amicantonio, Dan Webster, MaryAnn Brink, John Osborne, Sarah Armstrong, Phil Willson, and countless others. The amount of passion and energy involved in my campaign left me in awe and has only inspired me to continue my work.

Thanks! Emily Hobson


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