Charges Added to Man Who Allegedly Plotted Kidnapping

John Felder, 76, of Miami has also been charged with attempted kidnapping, attempted unlawful restraint and theft charges.

John Felder, 76, of Miami is facing additional charges after a failed kidnapping attempt in Villanova, reports Main Line Media News.  Felder is now being charged with attempted kidnapping, attempted unlawful restraint and theft charges. 

Felder, a former CFO of Spencer's Gifts, is being held on $175,000 bail.  Read more from Main Line Media News here.

It was a Wayne parking ticket that was John Felder’s undoing.

The 76-year-old attempted and failed in his own plot to kidnap a Villanova resident for ransom on Wednesday, Nov. 11. By Saturday night he was in police custody and admitting to the aggravated assault charge against him.

Radnor Police said that Felder, of Miama, Fl., delivered flowers to a Villanova home under the guise of being a delivery man, and while at the door with the homeowner tried to Tase him. Only one prong of the Taser hit the man, and he closed the door on Felder.

Police were led to Felder on Saturday after he tried to buy a firearm at a gun show in the Poconos, where he had rented a place to keep his planned hostage. The motive, Radnor Police Superintendent Bill Colarulo said, was money.


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