Charges Expected Against Radnor Youth for Fake Threats

Radnor Police believe that one child made two prank 911 calls over the past two months.

Radnor Police believe that they know who made a false bomb threat and fire report from Radnor Middle School, and expect to charge the minor soon.

Two prank 9-1-1 phone calls were made over the past two months about the middle school, said Lt. Chris Flanagan. Through an investigation that included subpeonas and reviewing tapes, the police will be filing a juvenile petition, a statement of facts to file with a court to start the process.

A juvenile is a person under the age of 18.

The Radnor Township School District will likely be carrying out its own internal response to the matter.

Flanagan said that the police were pleased to discover the calls as a prank by a child instead of a serious security threat. Still, "We're taking this very seriously," he said.


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