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UPDATE: 1 Killed, 2 Others Shot at Delco Hospital

Man Accused of Rape of Teen Kills Self

The Bryn Mawr man may have been dead for nearly two months, according to Radnor Township police.

A Bryn Mawr man from Highland Lane committed suicide six to eight weeks ago but was only just discovered dead, according to Radnor Township police.

On Saturday, July 7, the body of 63-year-old Robert Hendricks, who lived in the 300 block, was removed from the home, Radnor Commissioner John Nagle wrote in an email to constituents on Monday.

In early May a girl from the town of Souderton told police that she met Hendricks online, sent him nude photos of herself, and was raped when she came to his Radnor Township home.

According to Lt. Andrew Block of the Radnor Township Police Department, the county Medical Examiner found that Hendricks shot himself approximately six to eight weeks ago. Eight weeks would be shortly after the rape accusation was made.

Charges were never filed against Hendricks, however at least one computer from his home was confiscated and is being analyzed for evidence of criminal activity. The analysis can take two to three months, Block said, because the agencies that do the forensic work are very busy.

Despite Hendrick's death, the rape accusation will continue to be investigated.

The death was discovered by a family member, who had not spoken to Hendricks for a long time and went to his house.

"It's an unfortunate incident," Block said.


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