Phone Scams Turn Terrifying

Radnor Police report that a local merchant was the victim of a threatening phone scam trending in the region.

Phone scams often come in waves and trends. Recently people in the region have been experiencing threatening calls in an effort to extort money from victims.

On December 4 a local business merchant told police that she received a threatening phone call by a man who told her that her brother had been in a car accident. The man on the phone then demanded $2,000 from the victim to pay for damages sustained in the alleged crash.

The man also threatened that he was going to shoot the victim's brother in the head if the money was not wired immediately, according to Radnor Police.

The brother of the victim confirmed that he was not involved in any car crash. Further investigation of the cell phone number that was used to place the call determined it to be associated with an ongoing phone scam in the Philadelphia region.

Read about a West Chester woman who received a similar call threatening her father's life.

The cell phone number associated with this is 508-241-3028. The callers generally demand money to be wired outside of the United States to an off-shore bank account.

Police advise that money should never be wired to any unknown people or locations. If you have received any similar phone calls you are asked to contact Radnor Police and file a report.
Sara Pilling December 05, 2013 at 03:32 PM
This week my bank received an email form 'myself' - but it was fraudulent], wanting to know the amount of $$ in my account and instructions to wire it elsewhere. Filed a police report, checked my checking account activity and balance, requested a credit report from Equifax and Experian, changed my GMail password and instructed the bank to NEVER send me an EMail. Very disconcerting and a real drag!!!


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