Radnor Police Meeting with Schools on Safety

The conversation is in the wake of the Sandy Hook, CT school shooting.

Radnor Township Police have scheduled a meeting open to all of the schools and parents in the township to discuss school safety.

"We know that many Radnor Township parents and school officials may have heightened concerns regarding emergency procedures," read a letter sent to local schools.

The meeting, to be held Jan. 8 at 5 p.m. at the Radnor municipal building, will include discussing emergency plans for each school, police response and communication, and the review of existing floorplans of the schools.

Are the doors to your child's school left unlocked during the school day? Are you satisfied with the school's emergency procedures? Tell us in the comments below.

Radnor Township School District requires that all doors remain locked during the school day and that visitors only be admitted via a defined and mandatory visitor protocol at each school, which includes verifying a visitor's identification through the Raptor background check software.

Also, according to the school district:

  • The district maintains a variety of active security measures at all times, including locked exterior doors, video surveillance, alarms and campus security personnel.
  • A comprehensive emergency operations plan guides our response to emergency situations. Staff is trained to implement emergency procedures and participate in practice drills throughout the year. Students receive training as well, including participation in lockdown and other emergency drills during the year.
  • All classrooms have a quick-reference, crisis response guide that covers situations ranging from kidnapping and assaults to natural disasters and hostage situations.
  • The district monitors and supervises student common areas such as hallways, cafeterias, and playgrounds.
  • The district creates safe, supportive school environments by providing school-wide behavioral expectations, caring school climate programs, positive interventions and supports, psychological and counseling services, and violence prevention programs.
  • The district and local law enforcement have a very strong partnership. Law enforcement personnel regularly participate in the review of our security and emergency procedures. Radnor police officers regularly visit all our schools and will be doing so more frequently in light of this tragedy.


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