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Radnor Township: Rabid Raccoon Found at Willows

Thousands in Equipment Stolen from Overbook

Read about some of the crimes that were reported last week in Radnor.


  • Someone has stolen about $4,000 in lawn equipment from the grounds facility at . The thefts were reported on Aug. 2, and it is believed the items went missing in the several days before. The most expensive item taken was a Stihl chop saw valued at $1,368.


  • A laptop computer valued at $350 was reported stolen from a room in Villanova’s Bartley Hall between 9:45 p.m. on July 29 and 9:30 a.m. the following morning.


  • A resident of Presbyterian Village in Rosemont reported on July 31 that a package delivered for her was stolen upon delivery. The package contained a rose gold chain valued at $284. According to the police report, the signature of the victim in the logbook from the stolen package differed from the signature from a previous delivery to her. Also, her last name was misspelled in the stolen delivery log.


  • An iPhone valued at $250 went missing at Flip and Bailey’s bar in Rosemont around midnight on July 29.


  • Jessica L. Salvato, 31, of Holmes, Pa., was charged with retail theft after attempting to steal $671 worth of goods from South Moon Under, the Wayne clothing boutique on Aug. 4.


  • Someone reported that someone tried to pry open doors to the basement of a building in the unit block of Garrett Avenue in Rosemont on July 31. The attempt seemed to be unsuccessful, but pry marks remain.


  • A locked bicycle was stolen from the Bryn Mawr R-100 station on Glenbrook Avenue sometime on Aug. 2. This is not the first time a locked bike was stolen in Radnor. There have been a rash of bike thefts:







The Swell Guy August 09, 2012 at 09:09 PM
Radnor Township no longer has the man-power it once had - and the crooks know it - Notice that on-the-whole the thieves, once caught, are not local residents, but those who make a "special road trip" to our community to rob and do us harm - the word is out on us.. We are suffering the direct result of a failed township budget and financial mismanagement, leaving us with only three officers on patrol (plus one on the duty desk) during any given shift to cover the safety & service needs of 30,000+ residents within a 14 square mile area - and the crooks know it. This breaks out to mean that for every 5000 residents, there exists only 1.25 officers to protect you, me, our our children, homes, and businesses.. Next year they have slated to reduce our police force from our current roster of 37 officers, DOWN TO 30,...ideally we should be at 75 to 80. Our officers are operating WITH NO BACK-UP if 2 incidents should occur at the same time anywhere between Bryn Mawr Ave at Haverford Road in Bryn Mawr, up to Old Eagle School at Lancaster in Wayne/Devon - and all the surrounding area, residents and businesses in between - both North and South of Lancaster - with 3 patrol officers on duty, if one officer needs back-up, the remaining lone 3rd officer in left out there by himself, with no recourse for speedy assistance from anyone, and having to cover the whole remaining area ALONE. OUR OFFICERS ARE IN THE GREATEST DANGER OF ALL
sealing form South Moon Under-Really??? August 09, 2012 at 09:23 PM
wow who would steal from South Moon Under??? If you cant afford it don't shop there!! Almost $700 worth of stuff?? Now thats just greedy and selfish- did she really think she wouldn't get caught?? Seriously you are 31 and stealing from this high end store???? Let alone stealing period?? Grow up and stay out of our neighborhood! Do that kind of stuff in your own neighborhood!!
Apple Pie August 10, 2012 at 12:41 AM
I was told that if an officer makes an arrest, there is a possibility that only one officer is on the road for hours afterwards. Wake up everyone! I don't think the patrolmen care about uniforms, cars, etc. , just get them some help...
Jack ME OFF August 11, 2012 at 05:47 PM
wow the girl who stole from a clothing store must been a real idiot how pathetic i seen her on facebook she is really fat i shop @ that store she probably cant even fit in half of the clothes by guess she was going to try & sell them. she must be on drugs.I'am from delaware county & knew the last name sounded familiar i googled & seen her father was arrested for drug charges. LIKE FATHER LIKE DAUGHTER its a shame parents raise there kids to be criminals what lowlifes why dont they pick up & move to a lower class town i see there from holmes but go move to north philly. This girl jess deserves to be in jail she should be banned from ever coming back to radnor area again I currently live in wayne & to think there are scum like this roaming the streets of wayne radnor&devon area is despicable!
Jessica Salvato October 19, 2012 at 04:57 PM
I am horrified to share the same name as this girl!!!


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