Bill Would Require Pa. Lottery Winners to Pay Back Taxes

Winning more than $2,500 would trigger an automatic background check to see if the winner owes back taxes.

Pennsylvania would require lottery winners to pay back taxes under a bill passed by the House last week.

House Bill 1489 would trigger an automatic background check by the Department of Revenue on any individual who wins $2,500 or more in the Pennsylvania Lottery. If a lottery winner is found to owe back taxes, they would be deducted from any lottery winnings.

This bill would apply to Pennsylvania Lottery games.

Under the bill, the Department of Public Welfare also would check to see if lottery winners receive any forms of public assistance, and whether they remain eligible to receive those benefits in light of their lottery winnings.

Currently, the departments of Public Welfare and Revenue only check to see if lottery winners owe child support. Under the bill that practice would continue, and any owed child support would be deducted before back taxes.

The bill now moves to the Senate.


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