Citizens To Be Recognized For Helping During Dog Attack, CO Poisoning

Read who came to the rescue during these serious incidents in Wayne.

Radnor citizens and emergency rescue personnel will be recognized at the Board of Commissioners meeting on Monday, Nov. 26 for helping with a dog attack and with a case of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Residents Christopher L. O’Sullivan, Michael Haley and Kimberly Pepper will be recognized "for their heroic efforts in stopping a dog attack and saving a resident from more serious injuries."

O'Sullivan relayed his story to Radnor Patch about the incident, which took place in October in Wayne. O’Sullivan said he grabbed the dog off of the woman and pinned it against his neck to a stop sign. “The dog was humungous,” he said, but “this dog was on her, she was trying to cover her face… I didn’t even think twice about it.” Read the article here.

Wayne Resident Frederick J. Young will be recognized for his assistance in a case of carbon monoxide poisioning at a home on West Wayne Avenue in the early morning of Nov. 2.

According to a police report, Young heard a man yelling for help and he called 9-1-1. It turned out that the couple in danger, he 80, she 77, had no power for four days and were using their gas fireplace for the first time. He was complaining of chest pains; she of severe stomach pains. According to a report from Paoli Hospital, the couple's hemoglobin levels were extremely high, indicating CO poisoning.

Sergeant Joseph R. Maguire III, Officer Alex M. Janoski, Officer Jennifer J. Cocco, of the Radnor Police Department, Medic Brian J. Zimmerman, Medic Kevin D. Dillard, EMT Matthew J. Rychiak and EMT Michael R. Maguire of the Radnor Fire Company will also be recognized for their efforts in this incident.


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