Republicans Win County-Wide Races

The results of county-wide races were not unexpected.

With 96 percent of the votes in, the Republicans won the day in county-wide races.

Jack Whelan will be Delaware County’s next District Attorney. Republicans Colleen Morrone, Thomas J. McGarrigle and John P. McBlain will join Delaware County Council.

Two candidates for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, Christine Fizzano Cannon and Nathaniel C. Nichols ran on both the Republican and Democratic ticket. They will be joined by Republicans John P Capuzzi Sr., G. Michael Green and Spiros E. Angelos.

Delaware County chose Republican Vic Stabile as Judge for Superior Court and Anne Covey as Judge for Commonwealth Court.

Below are election results from Delaware County with 811 of 841 machines reporting.


District Attorney (Vote for 1)

Jack Whelan (R) 56,225 M. Kendall Brown (D) 36,619

County Council (Vote for 3)

Colleen Morrone (R) 50,948 Thomas J. McGarrigle (R) 51,288 John P. McBlain (R) 49,787 Keith Collins (D) 38,286 Jayne Young (D) 38,270 Lin Axamethy Floyd (D) 36,691

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (Vote for 5)

Christine Fizzano Cannon 82,847 John P. Capuzzi Sr. 50,815 G. Michael Green 52,991 Spiros E. Angelos 44,308 Nathaniel C. Nichols 79,882 Michael Schleigh 35,751 Sally Ann Heckert Bikin 37,225 G. Lawrence Demarco 34,579

Judge for the Superior Court (Vote for 1)

Vic Stabile (R) 50,838 David N. Wecht (D) 40,346

Judge of the Commonwealth Court (Vote for 1)

Anne Covey (R) 51,203 Kathryn Boockvar (D) 39,189


Results are unofficial and are provided by the county and do not include absentee, provisional or remote military votes.


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