Discounted Wayne Parking Cards Available

The kiosk cards can be used by people who work or live in the Wayne Business District.

Discounted cards for the parking kiosks in three downtown Wayne parking lots are available for purchase at the Radnor Township Police Department Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The cards are for people who can prove they work or live within the district. You will essentially pay $1 per day to park in a lot while someone else who parks there at a full price rate pays $5 per day.

The parking kiosks, located in the South Wayne, Bellevue and Waynewood parking lots, are replacing the township’s defunct permit program.

Do you work or live within the Wayne Business District Overlay? If so, this program is aimed at you.

The cards do not guaranteed parking spaces (unlike, theoretically, the permit program) in the parking lots. If you drive to all of them and there are no open spaces, you will have to park elsewhere.

The kiosk cards are basically cash. If you purchase $375 in cards (what amounts to about one year of parking at the discount rate) and lose the card, that money is completely lost. Each card purchased will cost you an extra $5.50, a cost that Radnor Police say they must pay the card manufacturer.

Employers can buy the cards for their employees, but they must bring copies of pay stubs and drivers licenses when they make the purchase. The maximum that an individual can buy for themselves is "one year's worth" of parking (you may end up using more or less and the cards last forever) at $375.

Anyone can use the kiosk system and pay at the full rate by inserting cash or credit cards on the site. .

Catherine September 12, 2012 at 06:18 PM
Thought it was going to cost $150 for a half pass


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