Former School Board Member Mulling Commissioner Run

Three seats on Radnor's Board of Commissioners are up for grabs this year.

Former Radnor School Board member Rich Booker is considering a run to represent the township's Second Ward as a commissioner, he told Radnor Patch.

"I have had discussions with several key people regarding the possibility of my throwing my hat into the ring to run for Commissioner of Radnor's second ward.  My discussions have been preliminary, and any eventualities must remain subject to multiple contingencies," Booker said.

The Second Ward covers the Radnor section and part of St. Davids section of the township.

"I am honored and gratified for the consideration that my candidacy has been provided.  Further, should I be asked to serve, I would give the decision my most serious consideration."

Booker's wife Pattie is currently a member of the Radnor School Board.

Radnor Patch ISN'T About Radnor Anymore :( February 22, 2013 at 03:41 AM
"I have had discussions with several key people.....My discussions have been preliminary, and any eventualities must remain subject to multiple contingencies". Just what Radnor needs, another double-talking politician. Welcome to the Board Mr Booker.
Catherine February 24, 2013 at 05:09 PM
Mr Booker failed to get the endorsement of the Radnor Republicans -- his own party -- the last time he attempted to run for a township position, if memory serves me right. Plus, in 2007, Mr Booker interviewed to be appointed to the open position in Ward 2 however, the board of commissioners didn't vote him in and chose current commissioner Kevin Higgins instead. If Mr Booker does decide to "throw his hat into the ring" yet again, voters need to remember his behavior when he was a school board member, most notably, when he leaked private, internal school board correspondence to a newspaper, for which he was eventually called out during a televised public meeting.
Susan Silverberg February 24, 2013 at 06:40 PM
It is interesting that Mr.Booker again wants to run for the Second Ward Comissioners seat. Major damage was done to his position with the party after he sided with former School Board Member, Judy Sherry in a power play against then RTSD President, Kathy Fisher. That was the lawsuit, Mrs.Sherry won on appeal against RTSD.


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