Have You Seen Advertising In the Air?

Radnor Township is considering a ban on aerial advertising.

Have you recently seen low-flying airplanes pulling advertising banners overhead in Radnor Township?

Township manager Bob Zienkowski has seen them and he is hoping to have them prohibited from Radnor's airspace. He said it is a public safety issue.

The height is extremely low and those planes "don’t sound very good," Zienkowski said. "If that plane comes down that would be a big problem."

According to the township, the residents around Villanova University suffer the most from overhead flights that go on, back and forth, for at least an hour.

According to township solicitor John Rice, there is case law that supports municipalities who create these ordinances for the good of public safety.

Larry S October 16, 2012 at 01:02 PM
The irritating noise-maker is counter-productive as an advertising medium. I called up GEICO to complain ... Perhaps if enough folks do the buzzing will stop.
Dave October 19, 2012 at 02:17 AM
I think it has a purpose and place and these people are running a business. Being a pilot i understand that many people fear what they do not understand. Those planes are so light that they basically turn into gliders if the have a problem which is extremely rare. The FAA controls the airspace not local gov.
Anthony Wayne October 19, 2012 at 01:26 PM
Yeah, The FAA, get used to it. Let us see if the position of the township changes when the federal government flies drones overhead beginning in 2015. No one local municipality will be able or willing to protect us from the seeing and recording "eyes in the sky", despite Mr. Rice's optimism. The pre ordained outcome of the November election will seal our fates, as the "one party embarrassment" will not even entertain a thought or idea concerning limiting power of the feds. To the contrary, they use every means to control the information and reality to a point where dissenting opinions are now considered dangerous, and those who peacefully assemble, with a cry of warning, are beaten, pepper sprayed, tazed, and incarcerated, all in the name of national security, accompanied by cheers from many of the public. The last 100 years have been a bitch for our Constitutional Republic. What a disgrace.
Greg Hudson October 22, 2012 at 08:09 PM
You have to be kidding me. These businesses have every right to advertise this way. Its laughable that the local government thinks it has a role in its airspace. Do local governments forget the constitution and the idea of free trade. These pilots run a business that should be respected as much as any other business. How is it even enforceable? Are the Radnor Police going to send out their F-18s to escort the planes to an airfield? If Disney World has problems getting aerial advertising banned, Radnor Township has no chance.


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