More Post-Election Thoughts From the Candidates

Radnor Patch asked those involved in the local elections for their closing thoughts.

Radnor Patch asked those involved in the local elections for their closing thoughts.

Here are some and a

I would like to thank all of the voters that came to the polls last Tuesday regardless of who they chose to vote for.  Democracy is such a valuable commodity and citizen participation is the keystone.

I am humbled by the voters choosing me to represent them for four more years. I commit to my Ward to provide the same high level of service and involvement that have characterized my last two years. We have made significant progress in correcting some of the issues that we were facing and will continue on this path.

I would also like to congratulate my opponent for a well run race.  For those who had never been involved with an election, it takes a tremendous amount of hard work and the result is pass/fail and can be like a punch in the gut. Hopefully Ernie will stay engaged in our community and continue to serve on the Communications Council.

One of the best things about campaigning is the tremendous amount of feedback you can gather from your neighbors.  What is wrong and what is right are always first on the list. My action list for the Township Manager doubled during the election campaign. I will continue to knock of folks doors and conduct “Town Hall” meetings for my constituents.

Thanks again to the folks who work at the polls. This is a grueling day, beginning at 6:30 am and going to at least 9:00 pm. These folks are truly the heroes of democracy.  They put up with impatient and sometimes inconsiderate voters and annoying candidates (and their representatives) all day and then have to deal with the arcane poll closing process at the end of the evening. My hat is doffed to you.

I am looking forward to the next four years with optimism.

- John Nagle, Fifth Ward commissioner


From Jim Higgins, who was successfully elected to represent the First Ward on Radnor's Board of Commissioners (as told to Sam Strike):

I'm very grateful for the confidence people showed in me because its humbling. This is very gratifying. I've got a huge challenge when I'm sworn-in in January.

I'll be taking it slow on issues, I'm not going to jump into anything really fast. We've got to be positioned stronger than we are now to incur any new debt. That doesn’t mean we can't look seriously at buying Ardrossan, but the conditions have to be right.

Top of my list to work on is flooding all over the township and in the First Ward. Protecting our property is so important and we want to protect its value. Also, the crosswalk I asked several years ago for on North Wayne Avenue connecting the restaurants with the parking lot across the street. We need a lighted cross walk across the street.


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