New Stop Sign Will Slow Aggressive Drivers, Neighbor Says

The traffic at Midland Avenue and St. Davids Road in South Wayne has been increasingly aggressive since the Blue Route opened, a resident says.

On Monday Radnor Township's Board of Commissioners approved a new stop sign for the intersection of Midland Avenue and St. Davids Road.

Currently there are stop signs at the intersection for those travelling on Midland, but the new signs are meant to slow down drivers on St. Davids, which connects Lancaster Avenue with the rest of the South Wayne neighborhood.

Cheryl Tumola said the new stop sign is needed because of the way people drive, but it would not be necessary if "people added two minutes to their schedules to allow for safe driving."

"We experience a good bit of cut through traffic along Midland if Lancaster is congested or individuals are in a hurry along to get their children to school," Tumola told Radnor Patch.

"Usually the cars have come along Orchard Way and make the turn onto St. Davids when they crest the hill they can see the color of the light. If it is green many, if not most, really accelerate in order to get there in time to clear the intersection even if their chance is slim," she said.

"Coming from Lancaster Avenue onto St. Davids Road is also perilous as east-bound cars accelerate and rarely leave a gap for turning vehicles so those drivers have to be very speedy and thus whip around the corner... [As] you are going up hill the desire to slow down and respect the neighborhood is negligible."

What do you think of the approved new stop sign? Tell us by commenting below.

Special Ed February 28, 2013 at 04:29 PM
Between the bad traffic layout and crazy SUV driving, cell phone blabbing, soccer moms that area is a death zone, especially for pedestrians. My wife has almost been run down several times by these latte drinking, oversized SUV driving main line soccer moms. Worse than Drunk drivers.
Special Ed February 28, 2013 at 05:08 PM
I say, I say now looka here Mildred, my grammatics be just fines. Weez dont use dose "endocentic adjectives" wheres i come fromz. Now i gots nottin against dose hyphons but I chose not to use it in dat dare particular sitch-I-ation.
Assaggiatore February 28, 2013 at 05:50 PM
Aggressive driving in this township has gotten severely out of control. I've been honked at for stopping for a school bus, run off the road, tailgated and passed (at 40 MPH in a school zone) for driving the speed limit, and cursed at. I'm beginning to wonder if I should move to Boston.
Draco March 01, 2013 at 11:57 AM
Agree with the fact that there are aggressive drivers everywhere; do NOT agree that the solution is to put a stop sign at every intersection, and certainly not when one or two neighbors decide they want to bring everyone to a crawl past their houses. There are MANY examples of stop sign overuse- seen throughout the Township. Don't punish ALL for the actions of a few. These roads are critical to transportation- the moving of cars and people. Instead, ticket the violators. IS there an ACTUAL record of accidents there?? Let's be objective.
BANKER0917 March 01, 2013 at 02:20 PM
As stops signs do not have to be approved by Penndot, Radnor has abused the use of stop signs at every interesection. 4-way stops signs are illegal. One of the roads has the right of way and one does not. In addtion, 3 ways stops are illegal, too, but you see them all over the township. A lot of the frustration comes from having to 'stop & start' all the way through the township, especially if you live there. It's not the traffic coming off the blue route it is the locals trying to get to their destinations. Go to another township to see traffic flowing accordingly w/o the use of stop signs. Another way to waste more township $$.


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