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Submit Questions for Next Presidential Debate

If you have a question for the candidates, submit it in the comments section below and it could be asked during the televised Oct. 16 Town Hall Presidential Debate.

If last Wednesday’s presidential debate left you with more questions than answers, here’s your chance for the presidential candidates to address the issues that most matter to you. 

The next presidential debate will be a town hall meeting format at Hofstra University in Long Island, where voters will ask President Obama and Mitt Romney about domestic and foreign policy.

Patch is asking you, our readers, to participate by submitting questions for the candidates.

All you have to do is post your question in the comments section below and we’ll send it to the Commission on Presidential Debates. The Commission is partnering with Patch's parent company Aol, along with Google and Yahoo, to take questions from web users across the country.

Don’t wait until Nov. 6 to have a say in this year’s election. Share your thoughts in the comments!

danny ray vasquez October 19, 2012 at 06:45 PM
I am not saying every job should be a government job! only pointing out security should be guided in the write path to support our nation's dept. you might not understand that The American People are blind from the Financial Civil War we Have today with Companies pick pocketing from our nations main Resource. "The American People" u must understand the government will start giving more more to banks and etc.. to help better our economy. when government opens up doors and guide's the American people to these doors and say let's fight back. Fight back how? Compete against the security companies that are using our American people to profit money. when the government should understand that too, "we can be using that profit in much better use in this nation"... "The greatest knowledge known to man-kind is The Truth" Danny Ray Vasquez...
danny ray vasquez October 19, 2012 at 06:47 PM
READ THIS ITS VERY IMPORTANT To Us All! All security companies combined total of the American People who are Security Guards certified and working is 1,177,391 as of 2012. When the security companies charge businesses $20 an hour per guard. I have done the research myself as there is not an exact/correct number to use in any website. Math Proves from my knowledge and years of research that 1,177,391 x $20 =$23,547,820 So in one hour as we speak, all companies combined revenue $23,547,820 hourly $23,547,820 x 8 hours = $188,382,560 per shift $188,382,560 x 2 = $376,765,120 16 hours/2 shift's Now in one year going on average 2 shift's a day not including grave yard 376,765,120 x 365 days = $137,519,268,800 per year The percentage of security guards is less Than 1% of 314,603,417 American citizens. Creating government security for businesses who need and want security is the right path for our nation to be redeemed. We can hire more security up to 16% of the nations population and revenue 2.7 trillion a year. and at the same time welcome legal immigrants. using our population as an advantage. problem solved in just 4 years we can cut our nations dept more than half. 2.7 trillion x 4 years= revenue $10.8 trillion. The American People is this nations greatest resource to build our nation strong again.
Mark October 20, 2012 at 05:01 PM
Education for todays youth is a priority in our economic structure of the federal budget. My question is this. Today we hear more and more frequently of our children being bullied. At school, on the internet, etc. What steps would you propose be taken by our government bodies that would protect our children from such acts that are compelling them to take their own lives as their solution to bullying???
edufan October 20, 2012 at 08:59 PM
Good questions, Mary!
edufan October 20, 2012 at 09:04 PM
GREAT Question!


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