Post-Election Thoughts From the Candidates

Radnor Patch asked those involved in the local elections for their closing thoughts.

Radnor Patch asked those involved in the local elections for their closing thoughts. These are the first three who responded. As more people respond we will print their words.


I think it was a good race and I wish the members of the reconstituted
school board good luck and hope they accomplish their goals. For my part, I
am planning to get involved with the Radnor Middle School PTO and prepare
for another run in two years.  I think we ran a principled campaign and the
issues will still need to be addressed regardless of who is in office. Thank
you for your efforts on behalf of the people of Radnor and I look forward to
a bright future.

- Steve Modell, Republican School Board candidate


The preliminary figures indicate that for the first time in history, for over a century of Radnor politics, the Democrats have been elected to a majority of the Radnor School Board.  It looks like it will be a 6 to 3 Democratic majority on the 9 member school board.

On the Board of Commissioners, Democrats will now hold a 5 to 2 majority.  This is also unprecedented.

Why and how did this happen?  It happened because we in Radnor are fortunate to have an educated and informed electorate.  The Democratic Party of Radnor Township offers the voters enlightened and smart policies that are consistent with our voters' own intelligence and values.  With these new majorities, we will see Radnor move forward with policies that will make our township better than ever.

The Republican Party that dominated the township for so long does not exist anymore.  It was hijacked by extremists. That's why the voters are coming over to the Democratic Party in droves.  Most people in Radnor do not identify with George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, and Rush Limbaugh.

- George Badey, chair, Radnor Democratic Party


Four years ago it was a fridgid November election day.  I saw a Republican volunteer shivering so I went home and grabbed an extra coat.  When I returned and presented him the coat he gladly took it and thanked me.  On this past election Tuesday, I asked a Republican volunteer why some didn't want to say hello to me at the polls?  After all, I was their Commissioner for the last four years and could be for the next.  The person said in an angry tone "because you are the enemy".  I just won the 2011 election and by a good margin.  I plan to work just as hard to serve all the residents as I did before but I am not sure I can fix what's ailing those who think I am the "enemy."

John Fisher,
7th Ward Commissioner

Tom Dougherty November 11, 2011 at 04:06 AM
I want to congratulate all of the winning candidates of both parties and thank all those who ran for office. I especially want to congratulate John Fisher for being re-elected as Commissioner of the 7th Ward. As I told him in person on Election Night after the votes were counted, I wish him the best of luck as he serves all of us. In regard to George's comments, as the victor he has earned the right to frame the results as he chooses. However, I do not recall Obamacare, unemployment, Supreme Court appointments, or the Greek debt crisis being issues in the campaign. The Commissioner and School Board Elections were about local issues and decided by devoted, thoughtful neighbors on both sides. Predictions of the demise of the Republican Party in Radnor are premature. 2012 will be here soon enough. Tom Dougherty Recently Defeated Republican Candidate for Commissioner - 7th Ward
Frank November 11, 2011 at 02:42 PM
I also thought George's comments to be very obnoxious. I actually support the Democrats on a National Level but after following the Democrats on local issues it causes me to support the the Republicans for local issues. We all know that this is an off-year election and with a much larger turn out the election results may have been far different in either direction.


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