Radnor Seeking Volunteers for Boards

Six township boards have openings to be filled by residents.

Radnor Township is seeking volunteers to sit on six boards that currently have vacancies. Click on the name of each board for more information about it.

They are:

Citizens Communications Council

Advises the Board and township staff on policy and administrative matters relating to cable television, telecommunications, wireless facilities, and new and emerging communication technologies.

Garrett Hill Implementation Committee

Acts as representatives for the residents and stakeholders during the development amd implementation of the Garrett Hill Master Plan and Overlay District pursuant to the Radnor Comprehensive Land Use Plan of 2003.

Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee

Monitors implementation of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan approved by the Board in 2003.

Rental Housing Appeals Board

Considers appeals regarding the Township's Code Officials' determinations in the enforcement of the rental housing ordinance.

Code Appeals Board

Reviews all building and construction codes and recommends modifications to Township ordinances as necessary; the Board hears appeals regarding the Township staff's interpretation of the aforementioned codes.

Planning Commission

Makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on all land development and subdivision applications that are submitted to the Township.


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