Villanova Considering Crosswalk Over Lancaster Avenue

A pedestrian crosswalk was something Radnor officials and residents have asked for in the school's campus building plan.

Villanova University hopes to add new dormitories, a parking garage and retail space where its main parking lot currently sits on Lancaster Avenue.

When the redevelopment plan was first presented, it did not include a pedestrian walk over busy Lancaster Avenue. But the walk was something that many in the community thought should come with all of the new building.

The school's design team has chosen the location for the bridge at "Church Walk," the intersection where St. Thomas of Villanova Church is. It would be 475 feet in length and have an elevation of 17 feet from the street to the base of the crossing, reports Main Line Media News.

The newspaper writes, "The crossing will start at the exit of the train station and will “connect with the Septa bridge.” and meets up perfectly at the other end of the pedestrian crosswalk with the church on Main Campus. To incorporate handicapped travelers, there will be an elevator shaft for people who cannot use the two stair cases that will also be built on the train side. On that side of Lancaster Ave., the crosswalk will be nestled between the proposed apartment complex and a parking lot."

Do you think a pedestrian bridge is a good idea? Will it be used?

The Swell Guy November 19, 2012 at 12:02 AM
RADNORITE - The 'assertion" is that of the LMTPD, The RTPD, the Commissioner of the ward in which VU resides, and the victimized residents of both Townships http://radnor.patch.com/articles/lower-merion-stats-show-most-nuisance-charges-from-nova-students#comments_list READ THE DOCUMENTED STATISTICAL DATA In case you get lost on the way over to that article, here is a quote "VU student conduct is having an enormous negative impact on our community, primarily in Bryn Mawr, and it has to stop," Zelov told Patch. "Our police department is responding, and it is now time for Villanova to do more." Villanova media relations officials have not responded to Patch's request for comment. Of course they had no comment, what can you say to documented FACTS, as it speaks volumes that Bryn Mawr is in BOTH townships, and yet they are suffering more than anyone.
Radnorite November 19, 2012 at 12:25 AM
Show me numbers that support Radnor Township is having the same problems of Lower Merion. Otherwise it is just another opinion. Actually, let's see what our elected official that is responsible for Villanova's ward had to say... John Fisher, the Radnor Township commissioner whose ward covers much of Villanova's campus, said, "I am not aware of a specific nuisance crime issue associated with college students here in Radnor neighborhoods but with over 10,000 college students on the mainline it a real concern." "Radnor police respond to numerous calls throughout the year on and around the Villanova campus related to student issues.Last year I collected Radnor police reports for the VU campus area and quickly ran out space on my desk." The first quote shows that where we live Villanova is not a real problem. The second is nebulous at best. Radnor PD responds to numerous calls at the train station, Radnor High School, and many residents throughout the town. I am sure a years worth of those reports would clutter his desk as well. I applaud you for looking out for Bryn Mawr and I say we get together and fight to close down the bars there. That is the real problem. Lower Merions desire for Tax revenue must be thwarted so we can keep Villanova kids safe! Mr. Zelov, I hear your cry, CLOSE THE BARS! Also, why don't you join me and saying a big thank you to Villanova for contributing millions to our town that help to keep our tax rates low all while benefitting our children.
The Swell Guy November 19, 2012 at 04:27 AM
The first quote shows he DID NOT REALIZE (unaware) how severe the problem was until he was ARMED WITH THE FACTS by calling for the RTPD Arrest reports of VU Students,.-. "I collected Radnor police reports for the VU campus area and quickly ran out space on my desk." - and then he became "Aware", of the FACTS Unaware = Not Knowing,.. it does not mean there is No Problem LOL!
Radnorite November 19, 2012 at 02:53 PM
Swell guy, you just look foolish now. Yet again you make a leap in logic to support your OPINION. No facts yet again. Please show me a news story where Radnor PD was overburdened at Villanvoa and was unable to respond to a more emergent situation in town. Show me FACTS that support your claim that Villanova is a "burden" on our police force. Also, please join me in thanking Villanova for contributing millions to our town on an annual basis. Thank you. Finally, let's do something positive here, join me in putting pressure on get these bars closed. They are nuisance and root of the problems here. We agree on the above two points.
The Swell Guy November 21, 2012 at 04:15 AM
See link above


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