Radnor Schools on Delay

Radnor Township's School District will operate on a 2-hour delay today.

Radnor Township's School District will operate on a 2-hour delay today. 

Radnor joins many local school districts starting late today because of the weather.

According to the school district:

Delayed Openings
In the event of a two-hour delayed opening, each school will begin two hours later than normal starting time. Lunches will be served at their regularly scheduled time. Any before school activities such as Computer Club, instrumental practices, etc. will be cancelled on late start days.
Extended Day ScheduleThe extended day program will also operate on a 2-hour delay schedule. Since it usually opens at 7:30 a.m. on the regular schedule, it will be open to receive students at 9:30 a.m. on delayed opening days.
Modified Kindergarten ScheduleWhenever the opening of school is delayed two hours, students in the A.M. kindergarten session will report at 11 a.m. The morning session will be extended to 12:45 p.m. (from the usual ending time of 11:45). The AM students will go home on the midday buses at 12:45 p.m. or go to K-Club as usual. Parents are welcome to pack a larger snack or sandwich as snack time will be closer to lunch time. The PM kindergarten schedule remains the same. Bus Schedule for AM and PM Kindergarten
  • AM Kindergarten will go in with the 2 hour-delayed AM buses
  • PM Kindergarten will go in at regular time (12:40)
  • After picking up and delivering the PM kindergarten students, buses will pick up the AM kindergarten classes at the elementary schools (approximately 12:40-45 p.m.) and take this group home. The arrival times at their homes should be approximately 1 hour later than normal. 
Cancellation of ActivitiesWhen schools are closed, even if offices remain open, all activities in school district buildings are cancelled.
Who is Affected?The RTSD school closing number applies to all students who use RTSD transportation. All RTSD buses, serving both public and non-public schools operate on the same schedule. If there is a delay or closing for district schools, it also applies to the transportation for the non-public school students.


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