Registration Packets For Radnor Elementary Schools Available Feb. 1

Registration runs March 1-30.


Those who want to register their kindergarten and new students in Ithan, Radnor and Wayne Elementary Schools can do so on March 1.

Parents can pick up a registration packet from each school’s main office beginning Feb. 1. The completed packet must be returned by appointment or as directed at the school building by March 30.

Tours of each school building will be available from January through April. Those interested in a tour can make an appointment through each building’s main office:

Radnor Township School District requires parents to register children by March 30 to plan for accurate enrollment. Please read the below information carefully to ensure all registration requirements are met. Only completed registrations that include the most recent immunizations and physical exam, dental exam, residency proofs, birth certificate or passport, and social security number will be processed.

The registration requirements are:

  • Kindergarten students must be five-years-old on or before September 30, 2012.
  • Parents must present the original copy of the registering child’s birth certificate or passport at registration, which will be photocopied and returned.
  • Three proofs of residency must be supplied, consisting of:
    • One of the following:
      • Original lease or deed signed by both seller/landlord and/or buyer/renter;
      • Mortgage payment booklet;
      • Agreement of sale and original copy of settlement papers within 45 calendar days of the settlement.
      • Two of the following:
        • Valid driver’s license or change of address card with registrant’s current address;
        • Valid vehicle owner’s card with registrant’s current address;
        • Utility bill within 30 days in registrant’s name with registrant’s current address;
        • Paycheck stub within 30 days with registrant’s address;
        • Most recent tax bill;
        • Most recent sewer bill.

These documents will be photocopied and returned.

Pennsylvania School Law requires a medical examination by a physician for all students entering kindergarten, 6th-grade, and 11th- grade, as well as all new students to Pennsylvania schools regardless of grade level.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health requires all children to have a dental examination upon entry into school (kindergarten or 1st-grade), as well as in 3rd- and 7th-grade.

Both medical and dental examinations must be completed within one year prior to the beginning of the school year.

Pennsylvania State Law also mandates that all children entering school be immunized. Parents must bring proof the following records of the following immunizations with them at registration. Children must have the following:

  • Four doses of Diphtheria and Tetanus Vaccine (DTaP, Td, or DT). The fourth dose must be administered on or after the fourth birthday;
  • One dose of Diphtheria, Tetanus, Acellular Pertussis Vaccine (Tdap) at 7th-grade;
  • One dose of Meningococcal (MCV) at 7th-grade;
  • Three doses of Polio Vaccine;
  • Two doses of Measles containing vaccine. The first dose must be given on or after the first birthday;
  • Two doses of Mumps, one dose of Rubella Vaccine. These are usually given as MMR;
  • Two doses of Varicella Vaccine or physician verification of having had Varicella disease

            (chickenpox). The first dose must be given on or after the first birthday;

  • Three doses of Hepatitis B Vaccine (HBV);
  • One test for Tuberculosis completed within the last six months of admission to school, or a

            physician notation on the physical form that the child is “low risk” for tuberculosis.

The law permits medical, moral or religious exemptions if the appropriate forms are completed and kept on record at the child’s school. These forms may be obtained by contacting the child’s school nurse. Students with medical, moral or religious exemptions may be excluded from school in the event of an outbreak of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Click here for more information about registration.


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