Barry Sanders Gifting Autographed Jersey to Man Assaulted by Eagles Fans

NFL Hall of Famer giving signed jersey to a Lions fan attacked Dec. 8 in Philly.

A NFL football. Photo Credit:TexansFan97
A NFL football. Photo Credit:TexansFan97

One of the NFL's greats is being great again by reaching out to a fan that was attacked by Eagles fans following last Sunday's game in Philadelphia, reports CBS in Detroit

According to the CBS article posted Dec. 11, a Detroit Lion's fan - known only as Paul - stated that he was first harassed and then assaulted by six Eagles fans as he was walking to the train station following the Lions loss to the Eagles. Paul, who wore a Barry Sanders jersey to the game, said was knocked unconscious from the beating.  

Upon hearing about Paul's plight, Sanders-a former Lions running back and 2004 NFL Hall of Fame inductee-began seeking out Paul and plans to present the man with an autographed jersey, according to the CBS article.

Paul was treated at a local hospital for minor injuries and a concussion following the post-game incident, CBS reports.


To read the full CBS article go to http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2013/12/11/barry-sanders-sending-signed-jersey-to-lions-fan-beat-up-in-philly/?utm_content=buffere19cc&utm_source=buffer&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Buffer



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