RHS Seniors Paint Field House

In Radnor High School tradition, members of the class of 2013 painted the field house last week.

For years, students and members of the community have admired the field house at the corner of Radnor Chester Road and Raider Road (the road that leads to the RHS football field). It's an annual tradition at Radnor for the senior class to design the theme for the field house, sketch it out, and paint it. This year the field house's design was based off of the work of Roy Lichtenstein, the artist famous for being a leader in the "new art movement" in the 1960's. His art was described as "pop art", and has a unique style that is easily recognizable. 

Class of 2013 president Shaiba Rather, along with seniors Abby Junior, Colby Walker, Christine Wei, Grace Collins, and Meredith Steely, as well as many others, chose the images to put on the field house, as well altering them slightly to reflect the senior year. The first frame has the Anthony Wayne movie theatre marquee with the words "Now Playing: Seniors 2013". The next frame shows the LM football player being beat by a Radnor player (a recurring theme annually in the field house). Next depicts a boy and girl in a car, with the boy wearing a corsage, on the way to prom. Finally comes a girl at graduation, crying, with a mortar board on her head. On the side of the field house is a setting sun with the words "to be continued..."

Dozens of members of the class of 2013 came out to work on the field house last week. Jessica Geralis helped organize the work. Over the couse of three days the field house was white washed, sketched, and painted completely. 

Carl Rosin August 27, 2012 at 09:11 PM
Great fieldhouse this year, '13! One question: how did Chris take photo #12 while walking down the hill toward the camera in photo #12?
Christopher Merken August 27, 2012 at 09:32 PM
I may have had a little help :p. Mr. Kelly - our class sponsor - took the pictures that I appear in. He felt bad because I'm not in any pictures of events that I attend. I'm always taking pictures!


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